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Your comments and suggestions are very important for us so we can improve better products and services. Thank you !.

Aztech Pc Support
César González - Management / Tech Support
Eduardo García - Tech Research / Tech Support

Peter Martin | 2021-09-27

Hi Eduardo...this is Peter Martin..PHN at La Ventanna. We would like you to turn on our internet October 18th. Do you have different plans now..speed wise? Also could you please set up a VPN for us...you probable know a good plan. We will pay you for 4vmonths the week of the 26th. please confirm receipt.
Peter Martin

Roger Evert | 2011-02-24

We just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you have always provided! We appreciate your prompt and professional attention. Our internet service has been great this year and we know it\s because of your capable work. THANK YOU!

The Everts

Peggy Brackett | 2010-11-12

I would like to give giant kudos to Cesar Gonzalez and Eduardo Garcia from Aztech IT Services for exceptional customer service.

When I returned to Mazatlan yesterday, I was unable to call Aztech to have my internet service reconnected, because I had not yet put minutes on my cell phone.

A friend in my condo building told Cesar and Eduardo that I was back in town. When I returned from grocery shopping and visiting TelCel early this afternoon, both Cesar and Eduardo were waiting outside my condo building, even though I had not made an appointment with them. They helped me carry groceries up three flights of stairs and within five minutes I had full internet service on both of my computers.

Both Cesar and Eduardo are outstanding at what they do. If you need internet service or have other computer related issues, I encourage you to give them a call. Their English is excellent; they explain things in terms that are easily understood; and they provide outstanding service.

Ted Weston | 2010-09-21

Cesar and Eduardo are very knowledgeable and helpful, the service works well, and most appealing for me, being an Internet tech with an office here in town, the data takes a route separate from TelMex and Megacable to the border. I actually have all 3 in my office for redundancy, and all take different routes, thus I always have service.

And, in the interests of complete disclosure, I must add that I have only had their service for 2 months. During that time it has worked well and they have gotten back to me quickly with answers to my questions.

They also sell and service computers, BTW, another service with which I am happy.

Ted Weston

Dee Kurtz | 2010-09-21

I have had Aztech internet service for over a year and they are the best. Great service and two great guys. I will never change.

Brenda Bones | 2010-07-26

I am a Mexican who lives in Canada. In Mazatlan I find the best deals because I speak the language. I am a happy customer and would gladly recommend Aztech services. Pricing can be competitive if you do your research and speak the language. However, other companies will make you wait on the phone or line up forever! (no matter if you are gringo or not!) Cesar and Eduardo have always been a phone call away and have always looked after me. My time in Mazatlan is limited so I appreciate reliability and fast customer service.
Brenda Bones www.brendabones.com

John M | 2009-02-13

In no way am I affiliated with this company but I would like to
recommend to anyone needing work on a computer to use Aztech PC
Support. These guys are about as professional as you will find here in
Maz. They fixed my laptop for less than their original quote. I am 100%

Leigh Ann & Rich Baker | 2009-02-10

Thanks for the help!, You and Eduardo provide such good customer service, we really appreciate it!

Thanks again,

Leigh Ann & Rich Baker

Bob Story | 2009-01-05

We have been extremely happy with the computer services provided by Cesar at Aztech Pc Support. He speaks excellent english & does NOT have gringo pricing. Cell phone 044-669-994-3705, web site www.aztechpc.com, e-mail cesar@aztechpc.com

In addition, he will arrive at your home when he says he will!!!

Ray Watson & Jeannette Sarrasin | 2008-10-28

We luckily met Cesar several years ago when we heard he solved problems others could not. The rumors were correct and weve had a very pleasant relationship since.

Elaine Duke | 2008-10-08

After on-going frustration with the larger internet providers in Mazatlan, I was very fortunate to be referred to Cessar and Eduardo at Aztech. They provided outstanding service in the installation of a new wireless dish, with speed far exceeding their competition in the Emerald Bay area. Given the nature of my work in Mazatlan, it is very important that my internet service be reliable and fast. They are relaible, extremely knowledgeable, honest and fair. In addition to installing the new service, they even fixed some minor computer glitches I was having at no extra cost! Thanks so much for your great service Cesar and Eduardo, I look forward to working with you for all of my personal and business computer needs!

Willie Bodrak | 2008-09-23

We have been most pleased with the quality and promptness of service that we have received from these young men! They are always so polite as well. We will continue to use them for our computer needs.

Herman Heynen | 2008-07-19

Nothing but praise for César and his companion for the work they have done for me : a new computer, delivered on time and very good service and reasonably priced !

Peggy and Jack Sieber | 2008-07-19

Responsiveness to our home network or hardware issues is unsurpassed. Very patient manner and good English skills in teaching application use. Very fair and reasonable charges.

Lisa Lankins | 2008-07-18

I have known Cesar and Eduardo from Aztech PC for more than two years now. I am very proud of them. I have used them for my personal computer and business computers. They will be and are succesful because of their professionalism. They have gone beyond only offering their wonderful service, and have helped people in the community. They do speak English, they are prompt, courteous, reasonably priced, but above all, they care.

Janet Blaser, Words That Work. | 2008-07-17

As a writer and editor for a variety of publications in the US, it’s imperative that my computer and internet access are always in top-notch shape. I consider Cesar and Aztech PC to be an essential part of my ability to do business here in Mazatlan – he has provided consistently excellent service for me with several problems over the years, from internet configurations and Vonage issues to computer and software maintenance and upgrades. I know when I call Aztech PC that they’ll come when they say they will - so I don’t waste valuable time waiting – and that they’re reliable, responsible and always reasonably priced. They’re easily reached by cell phone or email and will work to understand and resolve your problem with focus and expertise. Whether you’re visiting or living in Mazatlan, I would heartily recommend Cesar, Eduardo and Aztech PC as the one-stop solution to any and all computer problems!

Lee Jacobs | 2008-07-11

My service call was for a small potatoes type of problem; I had gotten a CD stuck inside my Dell laptop, and the CD tray would neither open nor close all the way. I was booked on a flight out of Mazatlan in less than 48 hours, so it was panic time. Cesar to the rescue! He picked my computer up at my home, which is not in the center of town, removed the delinquent CD, made sure the tray was operating smoothly, and returned the computer and disc to me within hours. Cesars price for stopping what he was doing and taking care of my small emergency was more than fair, and his service -- with a smile -- was excellent. GRACIAS, Cesar! Lee Jacobs

James SANTIAGO Reno | 2008-07-07

I have been using Cesar for 3 years now. Have watched his business grow over the years.
Recently I had the worst happen. My laptop died. I contacted Cesar and within 12 hours he had built me a new one. Exactly to my specs.
Being the Commander of the Americn Legion here in Maz, I must absolutley be on line.
Thanks Cesar for a job BETTER than well done.


Brian and Anita Attwood | 2008-06-19

I would like to thank you for the great service you provide, it is really outstanding.

I never believed it possible you would build and complete a computer to our specification, then deliver and install it, to ensure that it works to our satisfaction, all within 24 hrs.

On top of that it came with all the accessories, TFT screen, Keyboard, Mouse, Card reader, Wireless, Dual Core Processor, 1GB RAM, DVD RW etc etc. All at a truly remarkable price.

I will certainly be recommending you to any of our friends and neighbours, who need computers or indeed, any computer/web services.

Thanks again for your help, Best Wishes for your continued success,
Brian and Anita Attwood

Michael Lee | 2008-06-16

A quick note of thanks to Cesar and his partner at Aztech Pc Support for a one day turn around on my completely dead 4 year old Dell laptop. They meant me at the Wal Mart parking lot, took my computer, performed hardware and software diagnostics, cleaned out the air vents that was causing it to over heat and had it back in less than 24 hours.I use this machine for business and without it I am out of business. The price was 900 pesos to return to me a machine that now runs fast, cool and quiet. Thanks again guys.

Jan Janzen | 2008-06-16

When Cesar told me that he could remove Vista from my computer and replace it with XP, I was more than nervous. Entrusting him with my computer which contains all of my business files, contact addresses, photos and everything important to my business, was a scary prospect. However, Cesar ensured me that he would back-up everything and I would get my computer back within 24 hours. Sure enough, everything was back in its place, except now Vista was gone and XP was installed. Since then, I have been thrilled with the increased speed of my laptop and am so glad that I made the decision to trust Cesar with the job. His company did a fabulous job. He was punctual and courteous, informed and professional, honest and his English is excellent. His price was also a fraction of what I would have paid for the same job in North America. I recommend him highly.
Jan Janzen www.janjanzen.com

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