Basic services

Computer equipment diagnostic

We will inform you about the specific characteristics of your computer equipment after a general inspection that includes operation and physical inspection. After this procedure, we will inform you in detail about the problem or problems we found along with several options to solve them, always considering the best option in time and in cost.

Preventive maintenance service to computer equipment and printing equipment

The preventive maintenance service we offer will include a visit to your home to pick up your equipment. Later, in our facilities, we will carefully disassemble the equipment and clean with compressed antistatic air, special cleaners and suitable tools. Finally, we will perform the necessary tests of operation before delivery.

Preventive maintenance service features.

Preventive maintenance service we offer includes a visit to your home to pick your equipment, later in our facilities we disarm carefully the equipment to make the tasks of cleaning with compressed air antistatic, special cleaners and suitable tools, followed of the corresponding joint, and finally we perform necessary tests of operation before to delivery.

Customized detailed attention

We understand that your computer equipment is a tool with certain specific technical characteristics. Because of these characteristics, we will provide you with customized advice so you can obtain greater benefit from your computer without running the risks of virus infection, spy-ware and other malicious codes.

Computer repair service including information rescue process, when necessary

Our objective is for you to always have a complete and intact backup of the data on your computer. When necessary, we can rescue the data when the operating system has been damaged and when the data has been reinstalled on your computer, you can then continue with your normal operations.

Wired networks / wireless networks, diagnostic and optimization

If your home or your company works with a network of computers and Internet, we have the capacity to make diagnoses that allow us to know if it is operating suitably and if each equipment interacts healthily with the rest of equipment, of equal way we have the capacity and tools necessary to optimize the operation of the network including to assure information integrity.

Wired networks / wireless networks, installation

If your home or company needs to integrate a computer network, we will be glad to suggest the characteristics for distribution of the network, required materials, devices and the way which all of them will operate properly once installed and formed. If you choose us to provide you with the necessary equipment and the installation of your home/company network, you will have a one (1) year guarantee of the new components as well as one (1) month of computer technical support courtesy of Aztech PC Support.

Computer equipment upgrade

If your computer equipment requires updating, we are pleased to advise you gratuitously about the available options to your equipment according to the necessities of operation. If we are asked to update the equipment, we will provide one (1) year guarantee of the new components as well as one (1) month of computer technical support courtesy of Aztech PC Support.

Advanced services

Internet web systems development

If you or your company have a web site, or if you are interested in having a good one, let us suggest the appropriate internet web system. This system will help you obtain and store your client`s information as well as receive orders from the Internet.

Maintenance / diagnostic to server computers

If your company depends on one or more server-computers and you wish to update, maintain or change the services, we will be pleased to propose a plan to do this. Our work will be done so that it will not interfere with the activities of your company.

Server instalation

If your company requires a new server to provide solutions to your company and your clients, we have the necessary knowledge and experience. We can install a server specifically designed to operate your information according to printing services, internet services, data bases, users, etc. in windows and unix environments.

Specialized training

If the employees of your company need to be trained in order to work more efficiently, we can create a training plan to help them obtain the best performance from the equipment when they do their usual work in Windows and Unix environments.

E-commerce plans

We are a company who knows the challenges of being competitive in a global environment. We have the appropriate technology and enough experience to provide powerful technical tools that will help your company participate successfully in the global environment.


Customized attention to you and your human resource department in order to advise you about the successful e-commerce incursion.

Domain name registration on the internet.

Customized email accounts for you and your human resource department.

Dynamic web-based system to provide your clients with easy access via the Internet